Welcome to Desktop Organizer!

Optimize Your Computer and Easily Organize Your Desktop

Is your desktop too crowded with icons or shortcuts? Or maybe you are wondering if there was a simple transformative tool out there that could help you find files on your desktop?

Welcome to Desktop Organizer, a revolutionary app designed to search your icons, shortcuts and files and transform your windows desktop.

Desktop Organizer is a simple tool that automatically scans your directories and builds a searchable list to declutter your desktop and make life easier for you.

If you have a lot of icons, shortcuts and important desktop files, and your goal is to effectively organize these items so you can reach them faster and keep your desktop environment clean, this app is specifically designed for you.

A Text-Based Solution

Desktop Organizer is the most ideal text-based approach to search through a list of files effortlessly. It gives you a streamlined solution to customize your shortcuts and makes it easy for individuals, small business owners and large corporations to organize their desktop safely and keep their important files where they can quickly find them.

Organize Better and Search Faster

A clean and organized desktop gives you peace of mind and saves you time. Desktop organizer will eliminate the clutter from your desktop by allowing you to easily search. It is a tool to simplify your search and you can start using it right away.

Locate Your Files Faster

Desktop Organizer is a remarkably fast way to locate your files and retrieve your documents quickly. With this easy-to-use program, you can scan your directories.

Do More for Yourself

Keeping your desktop professionally clean will inspire you to accomplish more and help you stay on top of your to-do list. This Windows Desktop Organizer is made to eliminate clutter and distraction giving you unprecedented flexibility and speed.

A Simple Installer

For your convenience, this Windows 10 desktop app comes with an easy-to-use installer that will help you install the app onto your desktop. You can start using it immediately and you may uninstall it by simply removing the desktop link.

See the Big Features You’ll Enjoy

  • Desktop Organizer comes with several multi-functional buttons to enhance your desktop.

  • The first one is the help button to help you with your current task on the app

  • The prev and next buttons will help scan through your list of files based on a pattern that you enter on the text entry field

  • You can view the directories that you are going to scan, add a directory or remove a directory from the list of directories to scan

  • You can scan the directories to refresh the list

  • You can also search the contents of the files
  • And much more!

Note that by default, the app will scan your home directory, your desktop, and your program files. However, you may specify other directories you want it to scan.

So, what are you waiting? Order now and enjoy the clean desktop environment you have always wanted!

Desktop Organizer is a small one time fee of $68.95 USD.


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