Multi Arbitrary Precision C++ Library


Multi is a C++ library providing arbitrary precision math. It consists of two releases, multi and multi2. The multi release features proprietary algorithms for implementing arbitrary precision integer and floating point.

Multi2 is a C++ wrapper around GMP and MPFR for integer and floating point calculations.

Both libraries feature an implementation of common algorithms found in math.h and drop-in replacement of built-in C++ int and float types.

The primary advantage to multi is that its floating point is based in decimals and aims to have no round-off errors. The primary advantage of multi2 is it uses the standard GMP and MPFR implementations.

One year licenses are available now !

This download was tested on Fedora core 23 Linux and Windows 10.

Please use the following link for the Fedora core 23 Linux version:

Please use the following link for the Windows 10 version: