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Want to build a list of emails based on the web pages you are interested in ?

Well, wait no more !

Use our emailScraper tool to traverse web sites and obtain the publicly available email addresses for contacts you would like to reach out to!

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emailScraper crawls the list of web pages you provide, respecting both the sitemap.xml file and the robots.txt file on those sites, and scans each discovered page for email addresses and then constructs a list with that information. You can use any web site URL list as a starting point. This may include lists of the top web sites or any custom list. URL lists are available on the web and can be used with emailScraper. A simple search for a list of persons or businesses of interest should return web pages that can be mined for email addresses.

This process saves you time and money by avoiding having to purchase an equivalent list since this information is already publicly available.

emailScraper is available for only $299.99 USD and is much cheaper than having to purchase email lists from outside providers.

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A screen shot of emailScraper shows its easy to use interface:




emailScraper features a powerful web crawler that crawls the sites you want it to based on your supplied urls.dat file. It allows you to then enter a Perl regular expression for blocking the discovered emails that you are not interested in. So for example, if you are not interested in sales email addresses, put “sales” in the block entry and any discovered email address that features “sales” in the text will not show up in your results.

emailScraper also allows you to enter include and exclude text in your search. These strings are also Perl regular expressions. You may enter any Perl expression and emailScraper will use it to include web pages with strings that match the include text or exclude those that match the exclude text.

emailScraper also allows you to limit the number of pages you download and the level of recursion that is done in the search. So, for example, you can tell emailScraper to download no more that 1000 pages. And, you can tell it to only traverse 1 level deep in the URLs its searching.

emailScraper tells you the number of pages its downloaded and gives you a status as it progresses.

So what are you waiting for? Build your email lists today using emailScraper!