Email Messenger


A powerful tool to send multiple emails out of one SMTP email account. Supports text/html emails and allows for one attachment. Requires valid SMTP email credentials and has the messaging capacity of your SMTP email. Can send up to 5000 addresses during a send.

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The screen shot shows the simple yet powerful interface of emailMessenger:





emailMessenger is available for only $299.99 USD and is intended for use in email prospecting and email marketing by legitimate businesses only.



emailMessenger requires you to input your SMTP email address credentials, including the Email Server, Email Server port, your Email User (Email Address), your password and password confirmation. The from field should match the Email User. The To: Field should be an email list you wish to send messages to, which is located on your local hard drive. The list should contain only valid email addresses of persons who have opted to receive email from you. Or, they can be persons who you are reaching out to for the first time, provided you comply with Anti-Spam laws and regulations in your jurisdiction.

emailMessenger allows you to copy another address on the message, and will send to each person in the list individually using your SMTP email address as the from address. The subject should be a meaningful subject. Keep in mind that most anti-spam filters will block you if your subject appears as spam or is inappropriate. So please check with your provider and local jurisdiction.

emailMessenger sends text/html and as such, you can enter raw HTML text into the message box. You may include one attachment and up to three images. The images will be embedded into the HTML text and will appear inline. Each image is internally referenced via the ids: img1_id, img2_id, and img3_id with the appropriate file extension based on your inputted image file. Thus, to reference the first jpeg image, you need <img src=”cid:img1_id.jpeg”>, and the other two images follow similarly. Most spam filters do not want too many images in your message, thus, emailMessenger limits you to just three embedded images.

emailMessenger allows you to send from a start line to an end line in your email list file. Note that the email list file must contain valid email addresses that are separated by new lines. You can also clear your message, view your email list file, view your attachment, cancel your current send, or exit the program. Additionally, using the “Test” button, you can test send the message which will have emailMessenger go through all the details, except the actual send and this can be used for testing purposes. You can view the error log using the “Error” button or view the log using the “Log” button. Status is outputted on the status line.