Email Encryption

ODCrypt is an encryption program developed for Windows 10 desktops.

ODCrypt provides AES 256 Bit encryption/decryption as well as digital signatures of files using AES + RSA encryption.  Additionally, it features the ability to zip archive files and directories and extract them and the ability to email encrypted and signed files to recipients. ODCrypt provides a utility password for protecting all generated AES and RSA keys.

After using ODCrypt to generate your RSA public and private key files, send your public key to the sender so that they can sign the files and send them to you as secure email attachments. The process of signing a file in ODCrypt means that the file data is encrypted with AES-256 bit encryption, and the AES keys are encrypted using your RSA public key. The process assures that only the person holding the RSA private key can unsign the file (and therefore) decrypt and read the file contents.
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It has an intuitive user interface as highlighted in the following screenshots:

ODCrypt main UI:


ODCrypt email messaging UI:




The main screen allows you to encrypt and decrypt using the American Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm using 256 bits. It also allows you to generate RSA keys for signing documents. This allows you to sign and unsign the files using RSA 1024 bit + encryption. Additionally, the program allows you to archive and create zip files as well as extract files using zip compression.

The program uses a master password to manage generated passwords on files. Further, in order for signatures to work, the recipient must send you their RSA PUBLIC KEY or it must be known to you. These keys can be easily generated by the program, and the public key can be sent using email. Once you have the recipient’s public key, you can use it to sign the message and send it to the recipient. NOTE: That if you accidentally send a RSA PRIVATE KEY, that key is encrypted using the ODCrypt system password, and should not be useful to the recipient unless they also have your ODCrypt system password. This second step is designed to protect users from mistakes.

Once the files are signed, they can be sent using either the program’s EMAIL window or your normal Web Mail account. The recipient can only open the message if they have the RSA PRIVATE KEY that matches the generated RSA PUBLIC KEY.