Lockit Digital Rights Manager

Lockit is a C++ based Digital Rights Manager that works for Windows 10. It comes as a certificate generating tool, called lockit.exe, and a set of headers and libraries needed for the certificate to work. These codes can be integrated with your application.

Lockit can allow you to create a certificate based on time where the application will expire after a specified amount of time. Additionally, you can specify a website host for which to “login” to, where lockit can check the number of users concurrently. We currently host this script via https://www.objectsoftware.biz; however, you need to get an application ID from us in order to use our hosting services.

Example lockit.exe commands:

./lockit.exe -key_gen # Generate keys.
./lockit.exe -gen_lockit_pub_key # Generate lockit_pub_key.h file for use in target executables.
./lockit.exe -gen_cert_10_day_trial 17 8080 0 “Issuing Organization” # Generate 10 day certificate.
./lockit.exe -gen_cert_1_year_license 17 8080 0 “Issuing Organization” # Generate 1 year certificate.

Example build (MinGW) (Link order matters):
g++ lockit_test.cc -o lockit_test.exe -L. -llockit -lnet++ -lcodec -lgmp -lwininet -lwsock32

Example C++ code using Lockit:

#include “lockit.h”

    lockit l;
    cerr << l.can_proceed() << endl; // Boolean, true if certificate is OK, false otherwise.

}// main