Embedded SQL for C/C++


ezSQL is a client/server system consisting of client and server executables, in addition to dynamic link libraries for providing access to the client and server. It provides two primary interfaces:

For C/C++ server access:

result_set *sql_run(const char *sql_statement, const char *login);

And for C/C++ client access:

result_set *sql_client( int argc, char ** argv , bool output = false);

Both interfaces communicate to the SQL back end. The sql_run API can be linked to provide direct access to the back end, and the sql_client API allows access over TCP/IP and requires the sql.exe server to be running.

Once a request is sent over to the server via either API, the server performs the request and returns back the results in the result_set data structure. This allows a simple and clean interface for enabling common SQL features in the application.

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