Email Marketing On A Budget

At, we specialize in email marketing tools that allow you to build an email list fast and message your contacts affordably.

We offer three specialized tools to help you in your email marketing campaigns:

emailExtractor allows you to extract unique email addresses from your inbox.

  • Scan all emails in any Gmail inbox and retrieve unique email addresses
  • Use your generated email list for any purpose including marketing or just keeping in touch.
  • Filter results using regular expressions and control the number of emails scanned.
  • Login using SSL and search for unique addresses with the ability to match based on subjects and sender addresses.

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emailScraper allows you to extract unique email addresses from websites.

  • Crawl a list of URLs using a mulithreaded crawler.
  • Respect the robots.txt and sitemap.xml files.
  • Extract unique email addresses from discovered web pages.
  • Access whois database records for unique domains.
  • Construct email lists from Google searches.


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emailMessenger allows you to send messages to your list using your SMTP email address.

  • Message up to 5000 unique recipients per invocation.
  • Use any SMTP address as the sender.
  • Control which addresses from the list are messaged.
  • Send HTML email or text.
  • Embed up to three images and one attachment.
  • Save money on sending your messages with a one time annual payment.


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